Monday, July 14, 2014

Reader Appreciation Time: Digital Book Day!

Over 400 FREE ebooks available for today only from authors who love their readers (click on the image above or )
I've included HER LAST CHANCE in the giveaway, free on iBooks (scroll down the romance column)

***Note that it should also be free on Nook but no guarantees. I'm not able to make it free on Amazon for one day so I set the price to 99c but it might not change in time. I can only guarantee it is free on iBooks!***

That means you can get both books in the HER--Romantic Suspense Series (plus over 400 more) because HER SANCTUARY (book 1) is available for only 99c in the Crimes of Passion box set.

Full of heart-pounding, sexy suspense, this box set includes books by four New York Times bestselling authors. I'm honored to have HER SANCTUARY included with these fantastic titles!

99c. Limited time only.

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Happy Reading!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Only a few more days left in the TWELVE BOOK PRIZE DRAW over at 
Not Your Usual Suspects: Independence Day PRIZE DRAW - what's YOUR celebration?
TWELVE books of high quality romantic suspense - GO FOR IT!! ♥

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Blooming heck!

After all the months of snow and ice I love seeing the flowers in bloom. Insects have gone wild though, all sorts of weird bugs this year (eek).

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

It can't possibly be July already, right? The weather here has pretty much sucked. Usually we endure the winter knowing we'll have some nice sunny days in the summer. This year it's been no better than a UK summer. Hopefully July and August warm up and dry up enough for the farmers to plant and the flowers to bloom. 

In publishing news, this month is RWA month and I still have a big chunk of book to finish before I go let down my hair (although I'm thinking of just chopping it off :)). Wish me luck!

And, in other July news, my wonderful publisher has put my Canadian set Romantic Suspense/Thriller DARK WATERS on sale for $2 (US and Canada). This book is up for the National Readers' Choice Award in Romantic Suspense!

Danger once again laps at the shores of Barkley Sound, the Graveyard of the Pacific…

It may be summer, but schoolteacher Anna Silver’s trip to the coastal town of Bamfield is anything but a vacation. She’s on the run, desperate to stay one step ahead of her father’s murderer and determined to track down the one man she’s been told to trust: her father’s old cell mate, Brent Carver. But when she finds him, she discovers not a kind, elderly artist but a dangerously hot alpha male with blood on his hands.

Loyal to the core, Brent would never turn away his friend’s daughter when she comes seeking help. He can’t deny Anna his protection…just as he can’t deny the instantaneous attraction he struggles to keep in check. But as their passion blazes out of control, a sadistic killer is on the hunt to stop Anna from uncovering his dark secrets.