Monday, December 07, 2015

50 Days of Giveaways: 37/50

Today I'm giving away another digital copy of my award-winning Romantic Suspense COLD PURSUIT from iBooks. 

2015 Winner of National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award ~ for Romantic Suspense.
Finalist in the National Readers' Choice Award, and the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence

Single mom Vivi Vincent is thrust into her worst nightmare when she’s trapped inside a mall during a terror attack along with her eight-year-old son. With the help of Jed Brennan, an FBI special agent on enforced leave, Vivi and her son survive the assault. But the danger is far from over.
Vivi’s son may have witnessed critical details of the terrorists’ future plans and is targeted for death, but he’s mute, and he’s traumatized. Still someone launches a strike against the FBI’s safe house, and Jed fears the bad guys have an inside man. No longer knowing who to trust, he hides mother and son in a log cabin deep in the heart of the Wisconsin Northwoods. There Jed and Vivi try to figure out how to unlock the information inside her son’s head. What they don’t bargain for is the red-hot attraction that flares between them, or the extent of the sinister plot that threatens to rip apart not only any chance of happiness they might have together, but also the very fabric of American society.

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Question of the day: Do you like vampires?


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  1. They have their moments. Loved Alex O Laughlin as Mick st John. This was a marvellous listen to

    1. I missed that one!!! Julie--you win :) Do you read on iBooks??

  2. I love vampires! Angel from Buffy is probably my favourite. :)